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When the newly formed Aam Aadmi Party – led by the polarizing political firebrand Arvind Kejriwal — challenged India’s long-dominant two party system in the 2013 Delhi state elections, expectations for victory were not high. Rooted in principles of anti-corruption and working class justice, the AAP faced the scorn of the political establishment, the indifference of the media and the growing pains of a new, revolutionary ideology struggling to remain pure through infighting, accusations and possible violent sabotage.

You may or may not be familiar with the historic results of this campaign, but you will no doubt be astounded by the behind-the-scenes access attained by first-time documentarians Khushboo Ranka and Vinay Shukla, whose film premiered at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival. Embedded in Kejriwal’s campaign for a year, these brilliant new filmmakers use their exclusive footage and media coverage to piece together a gripping, eye-opening account of the AAP’s herculean effort to wrestle power away from an establishment long divorced from the needs of its people. Whether your politics align with Kejriwal’s party or not, this film’s resonance in a world still reeling from years of bitter, contentious elections is without question.

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Khushboo Ranka

Khushboo directed the award-winning short CONTINUUM, and co-wrote the internationally acclaimed fiction feature film SHIP OF THESEUS. She directed RIGHT TO PRAY, a unique virtual reality experience in 2016.

Vinay Shukla

Vinay directed the award-winning short film BUREAUCRACY SONATA.