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Full Synopsis

Sadba and Parvi are chosen by the temple rituals to be the prime married couple to sit by the grand prayers adoring the Goddess. Sadba learns that, Parvi, is having an affair with his younger

brother Mallappa. After the three of them narrate and explain each of their stories, the Panchayat (village council) gives an unusual verdict, one that surprises everybody whereby Parvi must marry the second brother, and live the life of a woman with two husbands. A majority of people oppose this marriage while turning a blind eye towards men with multiple wives. Will an orthodox patriarchal society approve of Parvi having two husbands?

Country Year Length Language
India 2017 99min Marathi
Director: Nagesh Bhosle
Producer: Ajna Motion Picture Pvt Ltd
Screenwriter: NA
Cinematographer: NA
Editor: NA
Cast: Milind Shinde, Umesh Jagtap, Radha Kulkarni & Nagesh Bhosle.

Nagesh Bhosle

Nagesh Bhosle is an award winning Indian film, television and theatre actor. He has recently worked on a Hollywood film called ‘Hotel Mumbai’ alongside Jason Isaacs, Armie Hammer & Dev Patel. Nagesh has acted in more than a hundred Indian films and thousands of episodes in Television shows. After completing endless projects in the Hindi, Marathi and Telugu language fraternity as an actor, he ventured into Directing and Producing. He has successfully made 6 films so far, as a Director. In 2009, his debut film ‘Goshta Choti Dongraevadhi’ (English title: A story as small as a mountain) was highly appreciated by the critics and audiences at the time.