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Full Synopsis:

The bond between a mother and her son is indeed a special one. It was the same between Farooq and his Mother. They reside in the small town of Peshawar, Pakistan.

Farooq, a child with a simple demand, wants a new school bag on his birthday. But his mother, who in spite of her love and affection seems to be unfazed by her child’s plea.

Unknown to Farooq, there is something waiting for him.

Country Year Length Language
India NA NA NA
Director: Dhreeraj Jindal
Producer: Shashi Prakash Chopra
Screenwriter: Anshul Agarwal
Cinematographer: NA
Editor: Neil Sehgal
Cast: Rasika Duggal and Sartaaj RK

Dhreeraj Jindal

Dheeraj Jindal, at a very young age got attached to questions. Questions about the measures of good and bad, the society and its inequalities. Questions that hit the prism of curiosity but got lost in its colors. Not too enthusiastic in academics, he soon got introduced to his favorite quote “travelling is the best way to get educated.”

 He travelled, observed and looked for his answers, and soon a sheer coincidence introduced him to an art of telling stories, filmmaking.

He first entered the film scene around seven years back as an associate director, after his formal training in Masters degree specialized in film making, and very soon he moved on to directing films independently and got a number of social, commercial, corporate and documentary films to his credit, that won awards, and more importantly, hearts of his audience.