Film-maker & Scientist

Dr. Bedabrata Pain was an award-winning senior research scientist with NASA. And an inductee to the US Space Technology Hall of Fame. In 2009, he quit to follow his passion – film-making. And with his debut film Chittagong (2013), he won four Indian National Awards, including the prestigious Golden Lotus as the best first film and the best debut director, as well as awards in several international film festivals.

 One of the inventors of CMOS digital imaging technology that enabled the digital camera revolution - from space-telescopes to cell-phones - Dr. Pain holds over 90 patents. He led CMOS image sensor R&D at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. Earlier, he was the executive producer of internationally acclaimed Amu (2005), the principal researcher for the documentary called Lifting the Veil (1997), and the writer of the book titled Behind the events in Kashmir (1991).

 He received his B. Tech. degree from IIT Kharagpur in 1986, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University in 1992. He taught courses in UCLA, and has received prestigious awards such as the Lew-Allen Award, NASA Achievement Award for Inventors, and IIT Distinguished Alumnus Award. In addition to film-making, he has a keen interest in history, politics, philosophy, and quantum physics. 


Claire Valade has been working in the cultural industry and the film community for the past 30 years.

From 1992 to 2002, she collaborated with various organisations and festivals as a programmer, publication director and event coordinator, including the Festival of New Cinema (FNC), Just for Laughs, Excentris/Cinéma Parallèle and Vithèque by Vidéographe Distribution. She is a member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) and has been the President of the Association québécoise des critiques de cinéma (AQCC) since 2016. A film critic at Séquences magazine for the past 20 years, she has also written for Cinema Canada and Take One Magazine. She has served on many festival juries, including the AQCC Jury at the 2009 FNC, the FIPRESCI jury at the 2012 San Francisco International Film Festival and the Québec Critics Jury at the 2016 REGARD International Festival of Short Films in Saguenay. She was also a member of the 2012 committee for the selection the Canadian candidate in the Oscars’ Best Foreign Language Film category.

Though she earns a living as a copy editor and translator, she has also directed her own short films (5 films collected under the title 5 prismes/2003, Chez nous/2005) and collaborated on various productions, including Zigrail by André Turpin (1995), Les Fantômes des trois Madeleine by Guylaine Dionne (2000, on which she was also coscreenwriter and line producer) and Henri Henri by Martin Talbot (2014).

She is currently working on her first book.