Making Ottawa the prime destination for world-class Indian cinema. One year at a time.

OIFFA is the National Capital’s and Eastern Canada’s most preeminent festival dedicated to Indian cinema and all things Indian, with its usual five-day competitive showcase of multi-genre Indian films as well as its roster of events, special screenings, contests, Q&As and workshops. Since 2017, the Festival has been extremely pleased to cultivate an audience for Indian cinema and Indian culture not only in Ottawa, but throughout Canada and North America.

OIFFA was designed and built as a community artefact, providing audiences with an experience unlike any other; one that not only rewards, but also advances careers. We continue to build our reputation as a vehicle for networking and promoting local talent, filmmakers, distributors and producers. Helping lay a foundation for new and upcoming authors from around the world, we create unique opportunities to engage sector leaders to mentor and coach as well as inspire and entertain our community to help break ethnic barriers and encourage cross-cultural exchanges.

We put a specific emphasis on connecting with each and every one of our community members, whatever their language or cultural background. We help them fall in love with the experiences they’ve had at OIFFA and continue to find new opportunities to express themselves. We also provide unique learning and growth opportunities for youth and earlystage filmmakers. We strongly believe that the Festival belongs to all of us, and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be part of our beautiful journey.