Feature Films

OIFFA’s Opening Film

Naanera by writer/director Deepankar Prakash, author of last year’s OIFFA award-winning The Mouse (Mooso), tells the story of a man whose independence comes undone after the death of his father, prompting his uncles to start taking over his life decisions. Part romance, as Manish starts a secret romance with his cousin, part family drama, as his peers face the death of yet another loved one, Naanera is a fully kindhearted exploration of Rajasthani mores and landscapes.

OIFFA’s Closing Film

Joyful Mystery (Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam), directed by Don Palathara, tells a timely tale about the pitfalls of amorous relationships and the evolving roles of women in contemporary India. It closely follows a young journalist and her actor boyfriend as they make their way to a clinic to find out whether she is pregnant with his baby. Shot in a single take during the COVID pandemic, Joyful Mystery is quite a technical achievement.

Short Films